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How to Build an Outdoor Shelter for Feral Cats

How to Build an Outdoor Shelter for Feral Cats

As the cold sets in, our feral cat communities can have a hard time finding a safe, warm place to go. Not all cats are made to be indoor cats, so here’s a few helpful tips on how to help care for the feral cats in your area!

1) Using a gallon tub, cut out a door. Make the door about 5.5 to 6 inches in diameter. This gives cats enough space to jump in and out but helps prevent larger animals from entering. A smaller opening also helps keep in the heat. Consider creating two separate doors so the cat can escape if needed. Make sure they aren’t directly across from each other to avoid a draft.

2) Insulation is key! We recommend using straw since it absorbs moisture and is less likely to mold. Don’t use blankets as they will not dry if become wet and actually absorb more of the cat’s body heat.

3) To avoid spillage, place food and water out of sight and out of the shelter.

4) Location, location, location! It’s important to place your shelter in an area that helps keep cats away from danger.

5) Elevate the shelter so it doesn’t sit on the cold ground. This will also help ensure water doesn’t seep in when it rains and/or when snow melts.

6) Place a rock or something heavy on top of the shelter to make sure it stays secure and in place.

Our cat-mmunity deserves a warm place during the winter! If you see a feral cat and want to help, remember these tips.