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Meet Instagram Cat-Queen, Nala!

Meet Instagram Cat-Queen, Nala!

Name: Nala
Age: 11
Breed: Siamese and Tabby mix 

Fun Facts:

  • I’m the most popular cat on Instagram with 4.3 million followers.
  • I was adopted from a shelter when I was five months old.
  • I am super sweet and loving, but I’m also the queen of the house. All of my brothers and sisters know this and have to yield to me. After all, I am the oldest!
  • I prefer playing with humans over other cats
  • I have my own food brand, Love Nala

Favorite Things:

  • Eating
  • Playing with plastic and paper toys
  • Sleeping in the smallest box I can find in the house
  • Grooming my face
  • Chin rubs
  • Spending time on the couch with my humans
  • The zoomies, where I run really fast around the house for two or three minutes
  • My loving followers and community, who are so supportive of me

Check out all of my adventures on my Instagram page!