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Meet Meana, Catalyst Influencer and Video Game Star

Meet Meana, Catalyst Influencer and Video Game Star

Name: Meana 
Age: 4 
Breed: Savannah, F4 

Fun Facts 

-I like to get my way and will let you know if I’m not 100% pleased with the situation 

-I’m very chatty. My mom says I’m quite loud for my size.  

-My mom and I love playing Twitch. She even named her account after me! We try to play most nights, especially Tiger Tuesday, Pew Pew Purrsday, and Caturday. We also do Twitch charity streams to raise money for nonprofits like the Joyful Heart Foundation


Favorite Things 

-I love lounging with my mom on video game nights. Although I don’t like to meow much for the camera, I’ll play along if viewers want to toss me a treat via the Furbo Pet Camera. 

-I go crazy for canned, wet food of any kind. Pour it in a bowl, and I’ll chow it down in just a few mouthfuls.  

-Sometimes, after a long day, I like to lie on my mom’s desk and zone out on her computer screen. My mom says I can be very intense. 


Follow Meana’s adventures via Instagram! @ThatsSoMeana