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Meet Poptart, the Newest Catalyst Cat Ambassador!

Meet Poptart, the Newest Catalyst Cat Ambassador!

Name: Poptart

Age: 6ish (one should never trust a feline to reveal her real age)

Breed: A mixed breed rescue with a lot of Maine Coon

Fun Facts: I was named after a human snack called Pop Tartlets that my parents liked to order at The Cheshire Grin Cat Café. That’s where they found and adopted me.

I love just about every human I’ve ever met, especially if they pet me.

Favorite Things: I love Tiki Cat Stix in the duck or chicken flavor, but I don’t get them anymore because my parents put me on a diet. Now I’m just stuck with my diet cat food (sigh). But at least I’ve lost some weight!

I’m a big lounger. I like lying on the windowsill and sleeping on top of my cat cave.

Playing with my snack toys is one of my favorite pastimes.


Follow the adventures of Poptart @poptart.thecat!