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Introducing the Catalyst Litter Scoop

Introducing the Catalyst Litter Scoop

Expertly designed with efficiency and ease in mind, the Catalyst Cat Scoop – brought to you by the makers of Catalyst Pet – is a simple and hygienic way to clean up your furry feline’s litter box.

The deep shovel, made of stainless-steel metal wire, traps solids while allowing litter to filter rapidly in seconds, keeping more litter in the box and eliminating dust while scooping, which can reduce airborne litter particles. The handle, made of metal and sustainable wood, comes with foam cushioning, so scooping is comfortable and seamless.

The Catalyst Cat Scoop is built to be durable, tough, and long lasting due to its epoxy resin coating, which makes it corrosion resistant. Plus, it includes a metal gap so it can easily be hung up or stored. And it’s easy to clean after use. Just use water.

To learn more about the Catalyst Cat Scoop, click here.