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Petra the Wundercat

Petra the Wundercat

Meet Petra, the fearless Meowtaineer and first kitty to set her paws on the historic Sheldon Mountain House. Petra is a true pioneer in feline exploration.

Built in 1966 by legendary pilot Don Sheldon, the iconic 212-square-foot Sheldon House hut is nestled on a five-acre rock in the heart of Denali and stands as a testament to his vision. His wife Roberta used to ask potential guests if they were “physically fit and mentally flexible.” She likely never asked if a guest planned to bring a feline adventure companion, but Petra is a trailblazer!

This exclusive backcountry haven embraced Petra in all its mountain magic and is truly one of the most special places on earth. Perched on a nunatak in Denali's majestic Ruth Glacier, just 10 miles from the summit, the hut boasts an outhouse, a wood stove, and four padded sleeping berths.

Amidst awe-inspiring landscapes, Petra fearlessly flew on a bush plane, skied, and played, making history as a true pioneer in feline exploration.

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