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Why You Should Leave Clay Litter in the Dust

Why You Should Leave Clay Litter in the Dust

Here at Catalyst, we talk a lot about why traditional clay litters are bad for the planet. Most cat lovers are not aware that clay litters are made of sodium bentonite, a mineral that is strip-mined and not biodegradable, but that’s not where the problems end. Clay litter can also be unhealthy for your furry feline. While few scientific studies have been conducted on the harmful effects of clay litter on cat health, there are several stories from veterinarians and pet parents that say otherwise.

One reason for this is because of the sodium bentonite in the litter. This substance is used as a clumping agent. When exposed to liquids, it can swell up to 15 times its natural size. This can be concerning when sodium bentonite gets on your cat’s fur and paws, and he licks it off. Ingesting too much can lead to sodium bentonite toxicosis and, potentially, intestinal blockings. Kittens are particularly vulnerable to this because they may want to taste the litter out of childlike curiosity.

Many clay litters on the market today also contain the chemical compound silica. When inhaled, silica is considered a carcinogen. The more your cat kicks up the litter, the more it gets circulated in the air and, ultimately, gets into their lungs, potentially causing respiratory problems. For cats with asthma, breathing in silica dust can irritate their lungs and potentially worsen an asthma attack.

Litter dust, no matter the type of litter, can potentially be a respiratory irritant for both cats and humans. That’s one reason why Catalyst is 99% dust-free. Made of upcycled soft pine wood (meaning no bark, needles, or other containments), Catalyst is a completely sustainable, high-performance litter that is permeable and clumps (without sodium bentonite) for easy scooping. It also has unrivaled cat acceptance, so it’s perfect for the refined or ultra-finicky feline. 

At Catalyst, all our litter varieties – Healthy Cat, Multi Cat and Unscented – are made with a bio-based oil, and a natural clumping agent. Healthy Cat and Multi Cat also include a mild natural scent. For kittens or cats with sensitivities, we recommend the Unscented variety, but don’t worry, it has natural odor-blocking agents to keep it smelling fresh. None of the products we use in Catalyst Pet have potential negative health effects like additives put in other litters on the market.

We love our pets and want to see them thrive and be healthy. This is why we recommend transitioning your furry feline to Catalyst for a healthier option for them and for the planet.

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