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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my subscription costs change?

Why do we package in a #4 LDPE (plastic) bag?

How much Catalyst litter do I need?

Why should I subscribe to Catalyst litter?

How is my Catalyst litter delivered?

How quickly will I receive my litter?

What sizes are available?

What is Catalyst made of?

What makes Catalyst sustainable?

Is Catalyst more expensive than the average clumping clay litter?

Which formula is right for me?

Is this litter safe for my cats to use?

Is Catalyst biodegradable and compostable?

What size of litter box is Catalyst designed for?

Can Catalyst be used for multi-cat households?

Is Catalyst litter low tracking? Does it stay in the box?

Do you have international shipping?

Does Catalyst Litter work with the litter robot or sifting litter boxes?