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Soft Wood Cat Litter

Catalyst Scoop

For years now, Catalyst Pet has been providing quality, pet caring products that suit the needs of every pet owner. Every product is designed for superior benchmark in style, function and quality.   

Keeping your kitty’s litter box is non negotiable and for you to do that effectively you absolutely need a top quality cat litter scoop. It really does help make a nasty job easy. 

Catalyst Pet has a premium scoop full of high quality effectively in removing waste from the litter box daily  while leaving clean litter behind.  


  • Durable scoop with a wider frame for easier sifting.
  • It has a classic wooden handle and steel frame.
  • Deep shovel that takes even the biggest scoops with ease.
  • More durable since it is made up of lightweight materials.
  • Composed of a hard wooden handle; It won’t break, fist or rust. 
  • Long handle gives you the distance your hands need for a safe job.
  • The shovel is suited for many pets such as, Rabbits, cats, dogs and more. 

Best Cat Litter Scoop 

Here at Catalyst Pet we have quality scooper that help make a nasty job easy. Our scooper will help you make quick work of even the nuggets  litter boxes and create a healthy environment for your cat. 


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Miawed by cats around the world

The highest performing, sustainable cat litter available.

Multicat Cat Litter Multicat Cat Litter Multicat Cat Litter Multicat Cat Litter


We're on a mission to overthrow the litter aisle. We're tired of environmentally damaging products that also don't live up to the standards we should expect. Whether it be re-using an old door or experimenting with an upcycled ingredient, we're continuously living our commitment to create better products for our pets, our homes and the planet.

4x more efficient = save more per use!

Not only is Catalyst litter 4 times more absorbent than other leading litter brands, it also controls odor better, is lighter to carry, and doesn't have the nasty clay airborne dust that is typical of other brands. Give it a try!

Healthy Pet Cat Litter