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Here's how it works:
1. When your friend clicks on your link, the page will reveal a 35% discount code. Your friend MUST use this discount code for you to receive the benefit (if they purchase something but do not use your discount code, it will not count).

2. You will receive a code in your email after a successful referral is confirmed. You can apply that code to your subscription from your portal ( You can find "add discount" on the first screen you get to when you click "Manage Subscription". You can see the picture here for reference. Unfortunately, this discount is not available to non-subscribers at this time (that includes both referrers and recipients).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program apply to one-time purchases?

No, the person you refer must sign up for a subscription, and you can only apply your discount code to a subscription purchase. If you don’t have a current subscription, you will receive the discount code automatically applied if you sign up for one.

Is there a delay between when I refer someone and when I see the benefit?

How can I view the status of my referrals?