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Catalyst Pet

Love Your Pet. Change Your Planet.

We're on a mission to overthrow the litter aisle. We're tired of environmentally damaging products that also don't live up to the standards we should expect. Whether it be re-using an old door or experimenting with an upcycled ingredient, we're continuously living our commitment to create better products for our pets, our homes and the planet. Find out more about our PlasticNeutral promise here.

Catalyst was developed by Lignetics, Inc. Lignetics upcycles over 1,500,000 tons of wood waste a year, turning it into products such as heating pellets, BBQ pellets, animal bedding and home products as well as cat litter. Sustainability and a responsibility to our planet is core to our DNA.

As evidence of this commitment, we're proud to announce that we’ve received our Accreditation from the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). PSC is a respected non-profit organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable pet industry. This accreditation reinforces our commitment to the health of the planet and our cat communities.

Catalyst Pet Accredited by Pet Sustainability Coalition

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