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Catalyst Pet

Upcycled Cat Litter Soft Wood

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Why You Should Join the Revolution

Catalyst Soft Wood Litter

  • Unrivaled cat acceptance
  • Superior, natural odor-blocking
  • Gentle, positive scent
  • Strong clumping
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable and renewable

Other Litters

  • Strip mining: not sustainable
  • Strong synthetic perfumes
  • Heavy weight
  • Nasty airborne dust plumes

Finally, a natural cat litter that works.
Love Your Pet, Change Your Planet.

Sustainable. Renewable. Responsible.

Catalyst captures clean, unused pine tree fiber from sawmills and processes it into our top-performing, Catalyst litter. Our upcycled natural wood litter does 3x the work of clay litters per pound, reducing production and transportation pollution and the harmful effects of clay strip-mining.

Unrivaled Cat Acceptance

Cats love to use our litter. With a soft texture that's gentle on paws and mild scent for sensitive cat noses, we guarantee your cat will accept the litter or we'll give you your money back.

High Performing Absorption

Catalyst litter is three times more absorptive than clay and one half the weight. This innovative litter lets the waste soak in fast enough to NOT run off the top and NOT stick to the bottom. Catalyst litter controls waste making cats and their humans happy.

Great Clumping

Catalyst litter forms clumps by using natural clumping agents as a surface coating over our specialty sized wood fiber. Moisture will activate the clumping agents and allow waste to be scooped out keeping the box clean and kitties happy