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Catalyst Pet

Love your Pet, Change your Planet

Healthy Cat Litter Catalyst Soft Wood Cat Litter
Our PlasticNeutral Promise:

For every bag of cat litter sold online, we remove another one from our environment

Here's how it works

Cat Litter Revolution


We identify the volume of plastic in each SKU / product line as determined by Catalyst Pet

Cat Litter Revolution


For every unique item sold, rePurpose will collect and recycle an equivalent volume of low- value plastic waste

Cat Litter Revolution


Create a roadmap to reduce plastic in Catalyst Pet's supply chain and the usage of virgin plastic in the next 2-5 years.

Cat Litter Revolution
" At Catalyst Pet our values are on every bag "Love Your Pet. Change Your Planet." Our litter has the sustainability of upcycled pine with the clumping, odor control and acceptance performance that kitty consumers and their humans demand. Our first package was 100% recyclable #4 LDPE. We know we can push the sustainability of this package further. We also know sustainability is a path not a point in time. Partnering with repurpose global on PlasticNeutral is an opportunity to live our values, pushing our packaging sustainability to the next level. This will not be our last step but this is important progress. "

Jonah Levine, CXO

PlasticNeutral Project Snapshot

World Map
Offset Enabler:

Catalyst Pet
Colorado, USA

Offset Implementor:

Saahas Zero Waste
Bengaluru, India

2020 - 2021 Reduction Goals:

At Catalyst we will continue to make our litter from upcycled pine. We are working hard to grow our community so that more upcycled litter will be in use. We also look forward to impacting positively natural litters for shelters and rescues

Project Type: PlasticNeutral Products
Start Date: February 5th, 2020
Annual Impact: One pound of plastic recovered for every pound of plastic sold
Project Site: Bengaluru India
Cat Litter USA

Saahas Zero Waste is a trusted rePurpose impact creator

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This is how much plastic you waste every year.

Find out how you can go PlasticNeutral today.

rePurpose is a movement of conscious consumers & businesses going PlasticNeutral by financing the removal of ocean-bound plastic worldwide.
We help businesses take responsibility for their plastic waste through offsets through our global impact network.