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Holiday Safety Guide for Cat Owners

The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends for celebration. While holiday cheer is in the air - the holidays can also bring real dangers for cats. From toxic holiday plants, to dangerous foods and decorations, to loud noisemakers causing stress and anxiety, dangers lurk in the most curious spots. We share some tips to keep your four-legged pals safe during the holidays so they don't end up in the veterinary emergency room.

Meeting the Family

While some pets are social butterflies, others are not. A constant flow of relatives can be traumatic to your cats even more than it is to you. Don’t force your kitty to interact with Aunt Molly and Uncle Jim if they don’t want to.

Pets Pick Up on Stress

You’re behind in your holiday shopping, out-of-town guests are arriving tomorrow, the list goes on. You’re utterly stressed out, and you have no time – not even for your fluffy sidekick. While the hustle and bustle can feel daunting, it’s important to remember that our cats pick up on our anxiety. Taking time to play with your pet is a great stress buster – for both them and for you.

Candles Burning

While candles provide a wonderful smell that fills a home, it is important to never leave pets unsupervised in a room with a burning candle. If a candle is knocked over, a house fire can easily start. A cat can also be harmed by brushing against a candle.

Poisonous Plants

Fresh mistletoe, poinsettias, and holly are toxic to your cat. Make sure to keep these plants out of your pet’s reach.

Holiday Gluttony

We all express our love and take great pleasure in feeding our pets special treats. The truth is that a little tidbit of turkey, chicken, or ham isn’t going to harm your furry friend. However, the problem arises when you overdo it, so be sure to keep those extra treats in check.

Harmful Holiday Treats

Be sure to keep holiday goodies out of your pet’s reach, especially if those treats contain chocolate (a chemical in chocolate called theobromine can make cats very ill). Also, cats can easily choke on splintered turkey, chicken, ham, or steak bones, so be sure to keep them out of reach.

Tinsel and Ribbon

Cats love playing with tinsel, which can lead to a problem if they pull on the material, or on ornaments hanging from branches, and end up knocking down the entire tree. Also, cats are fascinated by tinsel and ribbon, so much so that they may make a meal of it, which could mean a trip to the emergency room on Christmas Day. Make sure they don’t mistake the Christmas tree accessories for their latest toy or meal.

Christmas Trees

When choosing a tree, consider one with pet-friendly pliable needles – such as a Douglas fir or white pine. They won’t stick in your cat’s paws (They’re easier to vacuum, too!). Also, some pets like to munch on Christmas tree needles. Be sure to keep the floor clean of these errant needles, as your kitty can easily choke on them, or, if ingested can make for a really upset tummy.

A White Christmas

While we all dream of a warm and cozy holiday with a snow-covered ground, it’s vitally important to remember to provide your cats (especially those who like to spend time outside) with a shelter that protects them from the winter elements.

From all of us at Catalyst Pet, we’re wishing you a paw-some holiday season!

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