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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

It’s a well-known fact that cats sleep...a lot! Adult cats sleep 16 to 20 hours a day and are most active during twilight hours. Why do they sleep so much? Turns out it’s all part of their physiology. 

Cats sleep so much to conserve energy to hunt, even indoor cats. They’re physiology is set to so they are most active when prey is more active, usually at twilight. About 75% of the time, cats are dozing which lets them rest but it’s not a deep sleep. Dozing allows them to respond to prey or threats immediately if needed. They rely on their hearing and smell to get them moving. Even though most hours are spent dozing, they do deep sleep and dream. Just like us, deep sleep helps them restore and recover.

What do different sleeping positions mean? 

Cats sleep in a variety of positions, which is not only adorable but can also help you interpret their feelings! Here are some of the most common sleeping positions:

· Curled up: Curling up provides protection and warmth for your kitty

· Half-closed eyes: Your cat is lightly sleeping

· Loaf: Ready to jump but also comfortable with her surroundings

· Sideways: Relaxed and usually a sign of a longer deeper sleep because your kitty feels secure and peaceful

· All twisted: Oddly enough, they are comfortable!

· Belly up: The ultimate sign of trust, your cat feels 100% secure and happy

Why does my cat sleep on me? 

One of our favorite moments is when our kitties come take a nap on us. Sleeping on humans provides extra protection since deep sleeping makes cats vulnerable. We also provide some nice body heat to keep them warm.

When your cat sleeps on you, it’s also her way of marking you as her territory and provides some nice bonding. Your head is popular spot, which provides warmth and less disruption if you toss and turn at night.

When your cat sleeps on your chest, it’s most likely because they are comforted by your steady heartbeat and breath, which tells them everything is okay.

Cats sleep with their backs to us as a sign of trust and protection. They’re watching out for us! Of course, the lap is a nice spot for getting extra pets and warmth for our kitties.

Why’s it called a “Cat Nap”? 

Cat naps most likely get their name from our furry friend’s light sleeping. Cat naps are great for cats but also for humans. Naps can improve memory, keep you alert and attentive, help you perform better physically and mentally and elevate your mood. No wonder cats take so many!

Healthline recommends napping early in the afternoon to not disturb your nighttime sleep and make them less than 30 minutes. Turns out cats really know a thing or two about rest!

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