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Meet Catalyst Ambassador, Klaus!

Name: Klaus

Age: 22 (or somewhere around there)

Breed: Domestic shorthair mix with American Shorthair, Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Thai Siamese, Persian, and more.

Fun Facts: 

-I was adopted from The Cat House, a no-kill shelter in Lincoln Nebraska, in 2006. 

-I don’t scare easily. Vacuum cleaners? Bring them on! Big, energetic dogs? Sure! I don’t back down from anything.

-My current sidekicks are Juno and George. I enjoy hanging with them, but also miss my buddy, Oskar.

-Now that I’m in my twenties, I’m considered a super senior, and I’m enjoying my golden years in comfort. But life wasn’t always this easy. I still have scars and missing teeth from my time as a stray, as well as a collapsed right ear. I also have trouble keeping on weight because of digestive issues. But I’ve found a nice, loving home and am enjoying life to the fullest now!

Favorite Things:

-Playing with dogs, I think I like playing with dogs more than playing with other cats.

-Traveling with my parents via plane or car. I’ve been all over the U.S. and Canada!

-Relaxing on my parents’ laps in the evenings watching Netflix

-Playing soccer with small foam balls. I’m actually a pretty good goalie.

-Spending time on my catio, a large enclosure on the deck that lets me get fresh air and sun.

-Drinking water from the sink 

-Variety in my food, from kibble to soft and raw options

Check out all of my adventures with my siblings, Juno and George, on our Instagram page!

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