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Catalyst for Health – and not just your cat’s health!

Catalyst Pet is overthrowing the litter aisle, and a large part of this effort is because we want healthy cats in happy homes like yours. 

You might be thinking, “The litter box is my cat’s bathroom, does it really matter what kind of litter is in there?” 

Um, yes. Yes, it does! 

Catalyst Pet is accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), which underscores our commitment to the health of kitties and the planet. Wood-based litter is a healthy alternative to clay and silica-based litters, which can cause feline and human respiratory issues, as well as digestive issues for your kitty if ingested. 

Catalyst is better for your health and that of your kitty’s, too. The silica dust from clay litter can cause respiratory issues for you and your cat, as outlined in recent medical journals. That’s right, the science community is coming together to make sure pet parents understand the health effects of cat litter! 

Catalyst Pet is thrilled about this, because we’ve got nothing to hide. Our litter is non-toxic and biodegradable, important indicators of a product’s health effects.

You might be asking, but isn’t wood, ahem, dusty? Yes, wood particles produce dust. However, and this is important, the wood particulates are much larger than those from silica dust. The silica particles are so tiny, they can travel all the way down your windpipe and wreak havoc on your lungs by causing silicosis, an incurable respiratory disease. 

Do you need more reasons to switch to Catalyst? 

Don’t mind if we do. 

Cats and particularly kittens are naturally curious. While we don’t recommend ingesting Catalyst litter, it will not harm your kitty if some taste-testing occurs. Other types of litter – particularly clay and silica – can cause serious health issues if ingested by your cat, because they expand to absorb moisture. Clay litter can expand up to 15 times its size in your cat’s tummy and wreak some serious GI issues there. If a trip to the cat emergency room isn’t in your budget, we’d encourage you to skip this potential health hazard in your home and litter box!

Catalyst wood litter is made with as few ingredients as possible, including this short list of winners: 

  • pine wood
  • natural clumping agents
  • bio-based oil
  • zeolite (a scent-carrying agent)*
  • a mild natural scent* 

    *Our unscented litter does not contain zeolite or the natural scent included in our other formulations, making it perfect for kittens or cats with sensitivities and for cat parents who don’t want scented litter.

    Additionally, clay dust has tiny particles that can cause feline and human respiratory issues if inhaled. If you’re asking yourself why this stuff is even on the shelves at your local pet store, you’re not alone. These outcomes aren’t safe or healthy!

    Switching to Catalyst is a health win for you, your fur babies, and the planet!

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