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What is clumping, what makes litter clump, different kinds of clumping agents…

Catalyst’s Commendable Clumping 

What the heck is clumping? If you’re a new cat parent (or you’ve never used an awesome clumping litter), this is a legit and important question.

Clumping refers to a litter’s ability to absorb urine or feces and form an easy-to-remove mass. After your kitty does its business in the box, clumping litter makes it simple to scoop, toss, and replace the spent litter with fresh. 

Catalyst litter clumps incredibly well, if we do say so ourselves. But it’s not just us! Our litter has been extensively reviewed by verified customers, and here’s what they’re saying: 

“The slight woody smell is pleasant and it clumps beautifully. I’ll never go back to clay litter. Catalyst is simply the best!” – Denise O. 

“…it clumps, scoops well, and doesn’t smell bad!” – Nicole M. 

“I absolutely love this litter. There’s no odor, clumps easily, and my cats like it. I’ve tried many litters and this tops them all.” – Multi cat mom

“The day I started using this amazing pine clumping litter, [my cats] all stopped having respiratory issues!” – anonymous customer

How does Catalyst do it? 

Catalyst litter starts with locally sourced pine wood but without the needles and bark, which can contain phenols. None here, thanks!

A common complaint with your run of the mill – we couldn’t resist – wood litter is that such litters do not clump. Thankfully, Catalyst is not your average wood litter. 

Catalyst’s wood residuals are pelletized and then broken up into a specific particle size, making the wood denser and more suitable for absorbing whatever your kitty drops in the litter box. As a side note, and not to toot our own horn – but toot, toot! – the particle size of our wood litter is much better at clumping due to its particle size compared to clay. 

Next, a natural clumping agent, guar gum, is added to the exterior of the wood pellets, which also helps with absorbency, clumping, and odor control. When the treated particles get wet or soiled, they form a strong gel network, sticking together and making it easy breezy to scoop the clump. This also ensures unused litter is left behind, so perfectly good product isn’t removed with the used pellets. 

Our novel process is patent-protected, and we’re pretty darn pleased with it. 

What do other brands use for clumping? Clay litters commonly use bentonite, which is part of the clay and we’re just going to say it, not great for cat, human, or planet health. 

Simple and sustainable is what makes our product superior at clumping, and so many other things.

See for yourself!

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