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National Love Your Pet Day

In honor of National Love Your Pet Day, here's the story of Guira, the newest member of the Catalyst Pet family's fur baby.

How she stole my heart

Guira (pronounced Gheera) has been my little buddy for 12 years and counting!

When I first went to the shelter to look at cats, I had my heart set on getting a male, blue flame-point to match the cat I grew up with. Instead, I ended up with my mini panther. As soon as I walked into the cat room she knew I was her person. She meowed, purred and grabbed my arm to get my attention as if to say “I’m here mom! Pick me!”. When I took her out of her cage, she crawled straight into my lap and fell asleep and that was that!

What I Love most about her

There are so many things to love about her! I love her purr-sonality. Guira is sassy, she’s not afraid to tell you how she feels or demand attention. While working from home, she has made several appearances on conference calls to make sure her voice is also heard! She is also a diva who demands attention with a loud meow that you just can’t ignore. If you don’t respond right away, you’ll get poked in the back, in the face, on the leg… especially when it’s time for her afternoon snack.

Catalyst Pet Love Your Pet Change Your Planet

She certainly told us how she felt about her dog brother, Dunkin, joining the family. Like a typical older sister, she always needs to make sure he knows who is in charge and that he’s only here because she allows it.

Guira has always been a cuddle-bug. She loves a good lap and a warm blanket and will capitalize on all opportunities to snuggle for hours. She sleeps on my neck every night. She has one of the loudest purrs that never stops. There’s nothing more relaxing than a cat purring as they keep you warm at night.

Finally, as much as she’s my favorite fur baby (sorry Dunkin!), I’m her favorite human. There is only one choice of who to sit on, follow around, or meow at. She even FaceTimes me when I’m out of town. Who doesn’t love being number one?

How I Show Her Love

I give her lots of attention. Whenever she comes meowing, she gets a pet or a cuddle. If she is feeling feisty, I’ll throw her one of her favorite toys, a rubber band, her mouse toy or her favorite wand. She is the queen of the household so she “owns” all furniture even though she has quite a few just for her.

Guira has always been a CHONK! Ever since she was a kitten, she’s had an appetite and carried excessive weight. I show her love by helping her control her weight so she can live a happy and healthy life. Don’t worry! She gets plenty of food and treats - just not as many as she thinks she needs.

Her happiness and health are important to me. I use products that help keep her happy and healthy, which is why we love Catalyst Pet litter. The soft texture is gentle on her paws and the fact that it’s made from upcycled wood gives me peace of mind. 

Like so many other pet parents, it's impossible to fully express how much I love her. She’s the best Guira-bear/Snuggle Fluff/Fluffer-Butt/Princess any human could ask for. I’m excited for many more years of love and cuddles!

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