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Sustainably Made Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

1. Wool Cat Cave 

A cozy, comfy hideaway handmade with Merino wool and all-natural dyes: Feltcave

2. Recycled Acrylic Ornament

Laser-cut details make these Greencast 100% recycled acrylic pieces extra special for yourself or a fellow cat-lover: IttyBittyFox on Etsy

3. Interactive Motion Toy

Customizable entertainment made by a company committed to using recycled, reclaimed and organic materials whenever possible: SmartyKat

4. Eco-Friendly Scratcher/Lounger

Multi-purpose and made with recycled ultra-dense cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue for long-lasting durability: PetFusion

5. Quarantine Cat Gift Box

Are you or a friend among the thousands of people who recently adopted a cat? This starter box of eco-friendly items is the purrrfect gift: MarvelousMelissa on Etsy

Bonus: Catalyst Pet Litter Subscription

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The Highest Performing Natural Cat Litter
on the Planet
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