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Transitioning Your Cat to Natural Catalyst Pet Litter Is Easy

Cats love Catalyst because the texture is paw perfect and the odor control is best in class! If you are interested in making the switch, it is important to have a transition plan ready as picky cats may be a bit hesitant. But don't worry! Unlike the saying goes, you can teach any cat new tricks!

At Catalyst, we recommend two different ways to transition - either way can work so you choose the way that works best for your cat!

#1 : Mix Transition

  • Fill the bottom half of the litter box with Catalyst and cap it with your previous litter with a 1-1 ratio of Catalyst and your previous litter. 
  • Scoop and replace with Catalyst as needed! (For more info on how to use our litter, check out our blog here!)
  • At the next pan refill, transition to 3 parts Catalyst and 1-part previous litter. 
  • Scoop and replace with Catalyst as needed. 
  • At the next pan refill, transition to 100% Catalyst litter and congratulate yourself for joining the Catalyst Revolution to overthrow the clay litter aisle! 

#2: 2 Pans Transition

  • Have 2 litter pans available to your cat(s). One with their previous litter and 1 pan with Catalyst litter. 
  • Allow your cat to have access to both pans. 
  • As your cat regularly chooses Catalyst, transition to only making Catalyst available. 

Either way you choose, Catalyst Pet thanks you for being eco-friendly and making the choices to Love your pet & Change your planet! 


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The Highest Performing Natural Cat Litter
on the Planet
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