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Experience the Douglas Difference with Catalyst’s New Small Animal Bedding

There are tons of wood-based small animal bedding options on the market, but until now, none used Douglas fir. Why?

Why not? is the better question.
Catalyst Pet recently added small animal bedding to its lineup of sustainable, high-performing pet products, and we are thrilled for our customers and their furry friends to experience the Douglas fir difference.

We’re proud to be the first company to use Douglas fir for small animal bedding. Others have used it successfully for larger animals, like horses. And, while we’re animal lovers to our core, we’re focusing on the little guys with this product. Think hamsters, bunnies, gerbils, chinchillas, and any other small animals you want to keep clean and cozy.

There are so many excellent reasons to use this kiln-dried product to sustainably cozy up your pet’s home base.

🌲 Advanced hypoallergenic properties

🌲 Maximally absorbent of liquid and odors

🌲 Minimal presence of phenols (the lowest on the market!), which makes it healthier and safer for your little furry ones

🌲 Made with locally sourced Douglas fir residuals from the Pacific Northwest

🌲 Non-toxic

🌲 99% dust free, so even pets with respiratory issues can breathe easy

🌲 No additives or artificial ingredients

🌲 Biodegradable through natural decomposition

Our product testers—bonafide small animal lovers just like you—went wild for the thoughtful, comfort-focused design, too. The bedding has a crafted thickness, shape, smoothness, and flexibility, making your pet’s space comfortable while keeping it dry, sanitary, and a breeze to clean up.

You may be wondering why we decided to reinvent the wheel when other wood-based bedding options were already on the market. We’d love to dive deeper.

Cedar is an alternate option for small animal bedding; however, it: contains a high concentration of phenols, which are naturally occurring chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, immune system depression, impaired liver function and other allergic reactions in pets and humans. They’re not all removed during the manufacturing process, so while phenols give these beddings the pleasant smell and odor-eliminating properties, it’s at the expense of your pet’s health and your own!

Aspen is another wood option for small animal bedding. It’s similar to Douglas fir in many respects, including that it's dust-free, has hypoallergenic properties and does not contain phenols like cedar and pine.

So why did Catalyst create Douglas fir bedding?

Location, location, location! Plus, some other reasons, too…

Our manufacturing takes place in the Pacific Northwest, a.k.a Douglas fir territory. We use Douglas fir residuals purchased from local mills to make our bedding, which keeps lumber leftovers out of the landfill and minimizes both the cost and environmental effects of transporting the residuals from the forest floor to our door.

Finally, we know different pet parents have deeply held opinions about what’s best for their furry friends. We like options, too, and we wanted to bring this new, high-performing Douglas fir product to sustainability-minded, caring pet owners just like you!

We know you’re going to love our new product.  Purchase online and save on your first subscription order!

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