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Does the following situation sound familiar? Child asks for a pet. Parent says no. “But I neeeeeeeeed a pet!” child hollers, barely holding back the tears and rage that will soon bubble to the surface. Needs vs. wants are sometimes...
Did you know there’s a debate among small pet owners regarding the best material for your furry friend’s bedding? That’s right, small animal bedding is a hot topic, and we’re here to sift through the pile of information and give...
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘happy pet, happy life?’ We didn’t think so. We just made it up to help discuss rules of paw and claw for cleaning your furry friend’s habitat. Catalyst makes small animal bedding—our latest and...
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How Much Cat Litter Do I Need? Litter-acy Q&A for New Pet Parents
There’s nothing better than a new kitten or cat to add to your household. For those who are cat parents for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions especially when it comes to their “bathroom.”  Let’s start...
How to Successfully Make the Switch to Catalyst Pet Litter

Nathan the Cat Lady shows how easy it is to make the transition to Catalyst Pet natural softwood litter!


Why Declawing Cats is Harmful

Here's why declawing a cat is never the right option...

Introducing the Catalyst Litter Scoop

Expertly designed with efficiency and ease in mind, the Catalyst Cat Scoop – brought to you by the makers of Catalyst Pet – is a simple and hygienic way to clean up your furry feline’s litter box.

Why You Should Leave Clay Litter in the Dust

Most cat lovers are not aware that clay litters are made of sodium bentonite, a mineral that is strip-mined and not biodegradable, but that’s not where the problems end. Clay litter can also be unhealthy for your furry feline.

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Revolutionary Stories
Why Declawing Cats is Harmful

Here's why declawing a cat is never the right option...

Revolutionary Stories
How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Cool this Summer

It’s summertime, and while we’re enjoying the sunshine and long days, it’s also a time to remember that warmer temperatures can affect our pets. As temperatures rise, we need to make sure our cats are not only happy and cool, but safe!


Revolutionary Stories
Holiday Safety Guide for Cat Owners

From toxic holiday plants, to dangerous foods and decorations, to loud noisemakers causing stress and anxiety, dangers lurk in the most curious spots. We share some tips to keep your four-legged pals safe during the holidays so they don't end up in the veterinary emergency room.

Revolutionary Stories
Cat Poop 101

Being able to tell the difference between healthy cat poop and not so healthy cat poop can provide very important insight into your cat’s overall health.

Revolutionary Stories
Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?
It’s a well-known fact that cats sleep...a lot! Adult cats sleep 16 to 20 hours a day and are most active during twilight hours. Why do they sleep so much? Turns out it’s all part of their physiology.  Cats sleep so...
Revolutionary Stories
Spotlight on Black Cats
Fall is in the air! Along with pumpkin spice everything, black cats are a symbol of the season. Not only are they often featured in some of our favorite seasonal movies, black cats also get their own holidays with Black...